Win a game-changing investment to transform your business

Agri-Innovation Den is the perfect platform for fledgling businesses ripe for investment and looking to accelerate growth.

Launched by Farmers Guardian’s parent company AgriBriefing in 2015, the competition invites agricultural entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to our panel of industry judges and potential investors.

Six overall finalists will each win a unique agri-marketing and business advice package, worth more than £6,000, plus a chance to access a multi-million-pound funding pot.

FG editor Ben Briggs says: “The speed of technological advancement is changing the face of agriculture and giving rise to a new generation of agri-tech businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Agri-Innovation Den recognises the potential these businesses have to help drive the industry forward and strives to help them reach their potential.”

For the first time, the competition is being sponsored by BASF, and the company’s head of customer strategy Ben Miles says the business is delighted to be on board. Mr Miles says: “For our business, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

“Whether it is developing novel crop protection solutions to help meet farmers’ challenges, or developing digital agriculture solutions which help farmers target inputs more effectively, it is really critical innovation continues to drive agriculture.

“What we hope to see in the 2018 competition is lots of innovation which will help drive sustainable agricultural productivity.”

AgriBriefing is also thrilled to announce argi-innovation centre Farm 491 will be supporting the competition and will be hosting the judging day on December 4 at itsbrand new purpose-built premises in Cirencester.

Farm491 programme manager Dr Ali Hadavizadeh says: “Farm491 is super excited to be co-hosting the competition. It really complements our main activities, which are to engage with agri-tech start-ups and try to get them investor ready, while putting them on a safe footing to make them sustainable, strong businesses for the future.”

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Watch the 2018 introductory video to get some inspiration if you are considering applying.



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