Veena Adityan is the powerhouse behind Smartbell, a precision engineering and data intelligence company, which aims to empower the livestock industry to run sustainable and efficient production systems.

 With a focus on animal health, fertility and farm operations, Smartbell monitors the herd, infrastructure and environment to send prioritised alerts to help farmers and their service providers improve their management of these areas. Smartbell bridges data gaps and information silos for service providers such as nutritionist, vets and insurance brokers who can utilise the platform to improve the quality of their services and provide tailored offers with a unique live link into farm operations saving the farmer money in additional ways.

 To the farmer, the product offered is a simple wearable device for the animal that provides alerts for pre-defined conditions. For an advanced service contract, suitable for large farms, aggregate reports, best practices and regional metrics are available. 

The data and its subsequent analytics can also help provide the wider farming market long term predictive analysis for sustainable livestock farming.