LettUs Grow


Charles Guy, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Let Us Grow

Co-Founder Charles Guy has invented a unique mechanism for generating aeroponic conditions of plant growth.

Founded in 2015, the company conducted an extensive period of research and product development before patenting their aeroponic technology in 2017.

Having demonstrated significant yield increases using their technology, they are now building commercial aeroponic systems for growers around the UK. It is centred around a core product, a grow bed for leafy greens, rooting and fruiting crops.

The system has been designed to solve the issues surrounding nozzle clogging in aeroponics, and a variety of associated features that contribute to making the grow bed easy to clean and automate. The system’s modularity allows farmers to easily expand their facilities incrementally and operate at any scale.

Charles and his team are also developing a software system named Ostara. Here significant commercial value will be held in the precise recipes for the growth of a wide variety of crops within aeroponics, which are being continually developed and analysed with crowd-sourced data from customers. Its versatility means it has the ability to control, collect data from, and optimise any automatable growing operation from vertical farming to orchard irrigation, to greenhouse production.

Having successfully demonstrated both hardware and software in a commercial vertical farm, the crop-trial exhibited an average increase of over 150 per cent in crop growth rate of microgreens compared to industry-standard hydroponic technology.