MULTIBOX uses insects to extract nutrition from food which is unsuitable for consumption and would otherwise end up in landfill or anaerobic digestion. The insects can be fed to livestock as an alternative source of protein.

Multibox began two years ago and, since then, its founders, Paul, James and Andrew Wright, have engineered, procured, constructed and commissioned an insect farm capable of producing 35 tonnes of insects per annum in Cirencester.

Paul says insects are a great source of protein and oil, which can be used in compound feeds for fish, pets, poultry and pigs. He says: “We do this because we need to produce more food from our resources to feed the growing global population.” He says the value of fish meal has increased three-fold in the last decade and insect protein can replace it.

Insect protein is less harmful to oceans, has a better food conversion ratio per kg than pig, poultry and beef production and makes use of low-value foodstuffs, turning them into a useful product. The fats from insects can also replace soy, palm and other vegetable oils found in swine and poultry feeds.