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The deadline for applications is 7th July 2017

No, anyone can apply for investment as long as they have a concept/innovation which is relevant to UK agriculture.

Briefing Media Agriculture are looking to invest in technology based concepts and start-ups in UK agriculture. Applicants should have a credible and feasible business or business plan.  Products should be technically proven– with either a prototype or as a working product.  Ideally applicants should have a clear roadmap to a profitable operation of the concept.

It is not necessary to submit a business plan initially but if you have one it is recommended that you append it as it might assist with your application. A business plan will be required at the final stages (see Q13).

While the overall size of the available fund is £20m the and anticipated standard ticket size of £250k up to £1m per company would be the likely level of investment.

The pitch should not exceed 5 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A session with the panel.

The panel will meet in late July to agree a shortlist of entrepreneurs. Candidates will then be interviewed by telephone on 2nd and 3rd August to agree the finalists. Those entrepreneurs will be invited to Wootton Park, West Midlands, on September 26th 2017 to present their idea/concept to the panel.

Entrepreneurs can choose to bring with them someone to support them in their pitch providing this person has direct involvement in the concept/invention.

Yes there is no commitment from entrepreneurs or investors to agree a deal on the day of the pitch.

A business plan will be presented.  If needed, the management of Briefing Media will support the development of the business plan.  There will then, before any actual investment is made, be a complete and detailed due diligence exercise including technical, legal and financial where necessary.

Entrepreneurs DO NOT have to answer all the questions asked, but what they do or do not choose to answer may affect the outcome.

There will only be press coverage of entrepreneurs who reach the pitching stage. Pitches will be filmed for coverage across the Briefing Media agricultural portfolio and for use in social media. In addition, all finalists will qualify for a Briefing Media promotional package with £5k.

Briefing Media will undertake a mentoring role with any entrepreneurs who successfully secure funding. In some cases Co-operative food will also provide mentoring depending on the suitability of the project.

If you have any more questions, please contact us on +44 (0) 1772 799419