DESCRIBING himself as a born and bred livestock farmer from South Australia with experience in traceability and meat branding, founder Ian Wheal has spent time outside of agriculture delivering technology with large firms and founded successful start-ups focused on social enterprise for consumers.

He says: “The demand on food and premium meat will increase over the next 10 years, driven by an increase in the size of the middle class. There is no global system designed to meet the technology needs of the industry, and the level of transparency increasingly demanded by modern consumers.

“We intend to bring modern cloud marketplace and traceability technology to the $500 million global meat and livestock industry, so we can drive a more sustainable, optimised and transparent supply chain, bringing significant benefit to farmers, retailers, consumers and the environment as part of the process. “This promotes best practice through data in animal husbandry, by product management, wastage, traceability and treatment.”